Should You Learn How to Trade Penny Stocks? No! (Here's Why...)

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Many people who are just getting started as beginners in the stock market and trading usually consider whether they should learn how to trade penny stocks. Usually because of small accounts and not having lots of money to use, people believe that penny stocks (due to their low price) is the only option they have. While it would be misleading of me to say that penny stocks should never be traded, I do believe that you should at least learn about another area of the market before beginning to to start trading penny stocks. This other area of the market not only allows for lower amounts of money to be used, but even better, there is no pattern day trader rule (PDT). So if you are someone who wants to be a day trader and trade as often as you like during the day, this area of the market would fit you perfectly. Take some time to learn about this available strategy and fool in the market and see if it makes more sense compared to trading penny stocks.

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