Learn Blockchain by Building One: A Concise Path to Understanding Cryptocurrencies

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Gain working knowledge of how blockchains work by building your own in Python. This book is about learning by doing. Through hands-on exercises and examples, you will experience how blockchains are created and develop a deeper understanding of the technology.

Experts agree that cryptocurrencies will change future economics and possibly everything we know about transacting with each other. Understanding how blockchains work is not easy and wading through all the resources available today can be overwhelming amidst the amplified frustration of being an outsider to an actively-developed technology. This book takes you “under the hood” and shows you how blockchains work. By developing a working knowledge, you will be able to accelerate adoption and liberate yourself from the tyranny of third-party trust.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain working knowledge of how blockchains work by building your own in Python
  • Obtain a bottom-up understanding of popular platforms: Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Receive a technical understanding of cryptographic protocols and transactions
  • Understand hashing functions, consensus protocols, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and P2P network protocols, such as Kademlia and Chord

Who This Book is For

This book is aimed at beginner to advanced programmers in any area from Finance to Academia. Readers should be comfortable reading and writing basic Python.

Daniel van Flymen currently works as an Engineering Manager at Blink Health. He was previously Head of Software at Hero Health NYC. He is a regular contributor to popular open source projects, like adding environment variable support to Python's pipenv. He is a frequent guest on on the Software Engineering Daily Podcast, having been on popular episodes like Understanding Bitcoin Transactions and Blockchain Engineering. 

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