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BitRage and how arbitrage trading works

Bitrage is the newest release from the makers of the Gunbot the automated cryptocurrency trading bot. Bitrage works by engaging in arbitrage trading between different markets, looking for prices fluctuations on various cryptocurrency pairs. If you are unfamiliar with what arbitrage trading , the best example would be that prices and volumes between different pairs vary, sometimes quite wildly , so if you had bought a cryptocurrency for 1000 dollars, but on a different market the same amount of cryptocurrency was valued at 1500 dollars, you could very quickly make an extra 500 dollars by simply being able to quickly trade that asset between markets. Bitrage is a automated arbitrage trading bot that takes advantage of this price slippage to maximize your profit. Table of Contents An in depth look at arbitrage trading is Can you do arbitrage trading without Bitrage ? Different types of arbitrage trading How does BitRage work Example of how the bitRage arbitrage trading